Extrapolítica es investigar y difundir el avance científico para, en torno a ello, proponer estrategias políticas y un modelo de gobierno que permitan la consecución de una sociedad tecnológicamente avanzada y un camino hacia la mejora humana (transhumanismo). 

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To understand extrapolitics in greater detail, it is necessary to resort to a series of current criteria and phenomena: the Digital Era, Fourth Industrial Revolution, scientific knowledge and philosophy, the Advanced Technologies NBIC and Transhumanism


To achieve social change, it is necessary to identify the context, in the same situation, and, in turn, to recognize the modernization of States under the approach of the separation of Montesquieu's powers, the consolidation of the liberal economic model and the continuous dispute for power. particular and international politics among the ideological currents such as communism or fascism that emerged in the last century, political practice has been turns and projects of various kinds. 


It is necessary to know that we live in a Digital Age. A moment in history in which the digitalization of information and mass interaction on the Internet have led to a scientific advance such that technologies have achieved unprecedented potential.


This technological potential does not only mean modifying how we interact, but it can directly modify who we are. These are the NBIC technologies, which include Nanotechnologies, Biotechnologies, Information Technologies and Cognitive Sciences. Thanks to its introduction into society is that its effects will allow us to enter a Fourth Industrial Revolution.

one of the projects that emerge from this social phenomenon is the aim towards the improvement and overcoming of human or transhumanism. It is the direct application of technology in humans for the purpose of curing diseases, preventing deformations, overcoming disabilities and increasing physiological and cognitive performance. 

However, to achieve transhumanization It will be required a correct and orderly transit towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution, as well as an adequate development of NBIC technologies and an optimal organization of scientific knowledge and its deepening; in addition to the necessary evaluation of challenges, risks and benefits that this Digital Era brings with it.

In view of the failure of the previous models of politics, we have proposed to have science as its axis of action, to build a project around it that seeks to improve society, solve current problems, anticipate future problems that NBICs can provoke and the orientation of government and social policies towards the evolution of man (transhumanization) and obtaining a better level of well-being. There is a need for a new approach that changes the political paradigm, linking it with the technological boom, in order to achieve the evolution of society towards an Advanced Society and towards an evolution of the Republican State. This is Extrapolitics.


Man is a mutable organism that changes with the passage of time according to the context and the set of contingencies that it experiences and phenomena to which it is exposed.

Mutable: the geographical context, food, culture, climate and human interaction are factors that modify the human organism at a biological and mental level.

Maturable: Culture is one of the main agents that model the human individual. Language, education and systems of philosophical thought are mechanisms that modify man and allow him a level of maturity of his abilities.

Improvable: As the human organism is mutable and has, like any system, limitations and problems, maturation is a mechanism of modification based on the predisposed by the context and the first childhood, improvement is a strategy that seeks the application of technologies in the human individual to increase their biological capacities and with it their potential for maturity and development.



The Digital Era in which we live implies a tremendous development in the scientific advance, therefore in the technological one. In this way, new technologies are born (NBIC Tencologies), which break into how we interact and live together (Fourth Industrial Revolution) and invites us to think about new opportunities to improve our health and intelligence (transhumanism). It is for all the above that Extrapolitics emerges as a techno-scientific, advanced and transhumanist policy.

Techno-scientific Politics. To base the Constitution of the State and its projection in the scientific and technological advance and to promote its investigation and development.

Advanced Politics. Development and execution of social, national and governmental policies that include the technological and scientific advance to solve problems.

Transhumanist Politics. Ensure the improvement and evolution of the human individual through the State and civil organization. That human improvement is applicable to all citizens and catastrophic scenarios are avoided.