Who we are?


The Institute of Extrapolitics and Transhumanism - IET- is an organization that brings together students, professionals and stakeholders who propose and seek a new political practice, aimed at expanding the level of welfare of society, in this the search for the evolution of the Republican system and of man.

To achieve our objective, we spread the scientific and technological advance in order to bring to open debate the applications and scope of technological advancement, in order to develop proposals and projects that involve society and major players such as private enterprise, civil associations or the State.



Investigate and disseminate scientific and technological progress through different activities to generate debate in the community and jointly develop proposals for the application of technological advances in society.


Achieve the application of political and social projects that, based on scientific knowledge, allow the development of a Technological, Advanced and Transhumanist Society.

  • Investigate the scientific and technological progress of these times (Fourth Industrial Revolution).
  • Develop a scientific philosophy, consolidate transhumanist thinking and develop bioethical rules for the future technological application.
  • Disseminate the scope, purpose, benefits and dangers of these technological advances. Start the debate in society.
  • To raise ourselves as a political movement that brings together the different groups and members of the Peruvian scientific community.
  • Develop a political proposal that far from the -isms seek government reform through the application of existing new technologies. (Post-democracy). This proposal must have a philosophical-scientific-legal structure and foundation.
  • Include Peru in the debate and participation of this emerging Fourth Industrial Revolution. 



As an organization we believe that the objective knowledge, common to all men, is scientific knowledge, which is why we rely on it to achieve efficient communication and an exchange of ideas that seeks to discover the functioning of reality and strategies to solve problems common to humanity.


Ability to process data logically assuming a slight skepticism. This means evaluating information with reliable mechanisms. Reason is linked in this way to scientific knowledge, as this last fruit of the first. So reason and science go hand in hand.


Name given to the capacity of unrestricted thought and action without negative effects on others. Freedom implies acting rationally, therefore reason and freedom are complementary concepts.


If rational thought invites us to act freely, that does not harm others, it necessarily implies a quota of justice.

These are the values ​​that underpin the project: reason to act with freedom and justice.