What we do


We keep informed on current issues, scientific advance and technological advance. 

En base a dicha información difundimos y desarrollamos proyectos.


We disseminate the knowledge acquired in the form of news, exhibitions, debates or free ideas to start the dialogue


Ideas, writings, books and all kinds of written or audiovisual academic material with the purpose of informing the population about the scientific and tencological progress. 

At the same time we elaborate proposals, strategies and projects to include these technologies and knowledge in favor of society. 



We organize exhibitions, talks, conferences, debates, training and academic activities.

EXHIBITIONS AND TALKS. We carry out trainings for professors, researchers, students and interested in various subjects. We offer workshops on Critical Thinking and Philosophy free to different audiences. At the same time we make presentations about our research and current issues.

DEBATES We organize debates and exchanges of ideas between individuals or social organizations in order to generate a democratic and scientific space in society. The topics are varied and include philosophical approaches, participation and role of Social Institutions in the social development and application of technologies and scientific advance.

INTERVIEWS We participate with total openness to media interest about our work, activities or research.

Presentation of the book The Genetics of God in the Tv show "Entre Gente" by América Televisión Huancayo.